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The google earth maps below give you an better understanding of how remote map surveying works. These maps are of an area of the gold mine above the village of Bont Ddu called St Davids Gold Mine on Clogau Mountain. The maps show you different distances of the area of research taken place recently. What is shown below relates to the gold deposits at St Davids Gold Mine as yet not found.

Map 1 – shows you a close up area of one of the gold mine entrances where I am picking up remotely two potential areas of gold beneath the ground shown by yellow lines and yellow markers which indicate the areas of search. Normally for the client I send them a map similar to these that I am showing you on which mark out on the map the area I am picking up the reaction of gold. I also mark out on the map the quantities and depth of what is potentially down there. This takes place before I attend the site. Taking with me the maps of the area that I have marked out remotely as a guide, but a good guide, as to where to start my search on site. I then mark out the area of where I am picking up a good reaction, usually not too far from where I have marked out the area remotely, hence the reason why I do a remote surveying first as this saves time and money for the client.

map 1

Maps 2 & 3 are the same area but zooming further out of the potential area searched to give you an idea as regard of the distance.

map 2

map 3

Map 4 shows you the general whole area that I searched in that part of the world at a distance of 500 meters.

map 4


Maps 5 to 7 are showing the Gwyn Gwynedd area that I searched using the same principle of remote map surveying.

Map 5 shows you a gold vein shown in yellow of primary gold deposit going almost north to south. Estimated depths and quantities are shown on the map.

map 5

Map 6 - is another part of the licenced area showing you again gold and silver and at what depth to expect to find the gold and silver.

map 6

Map 7 – this map shows you two potential deposits of rich gold in the licenced area.

map 7

As you will see from this and the other maps there is still plenty of gold in Wales as yet not found. What makes welsh gold so special is that it is a slightly different colour, it is not pure yellow gold, it is a yellow/green gold which makes it rare, hence why the price is always high when you wish to purchase welsh gold items. Wales is lucky that there is still many areas not found by speculators but where I do know there is gold not found yet. Same with Scotland has got it rich celtic gold deposits which has still not been found and is waiting to be explored.

II also locate potential gold & mineral deposits around the world no only in the UK using remote map surveying to locate the potential areas. Please take a look at the Gold & Silver Treasure List 2022 for the UK showing you potential areas which I have done by using remote map surveying. If you find that this all hard to believe that it can be done remotely please take a look at my references of previous work and successes done by a similar way over the years which you will see have been proven to work.

Please take a look at the video below which explains how I do the remote surveying and the references you see on my website will back up my ability in this field.


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