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Prospecting for Primary and Alluvial Gold around the World by Remote and Site Surveying

For the past 3 years I have been involved in research which has  enabled me to harmonise my methods with the computer.  This technique allows me to zoom into locations anywhere in the world. I have remotely surveyed areas such as Sudan, Yemen, Namibia, South Africa and the UK  to locate hotspot zones for gold deposits. If you click on the link "Prospecting for Gold"  you'll see all of the countries so far that I have  worked on and located remotely;  in many cases this has been confirmed - for example with the Testimonials on my gold website. Gold Mine Companies who may be interested in my method of remote surveying and then site surveying in any of these countries mentioned please contact me I will be prepared to reveal the locations upon agreeing terms and conditions. I am still researching further potential gold, Primary and Alluvial hotspot targets around the world. All correspondence is strictly confidential.

If I do not find any gold, treasure or minerals in the area that you have requestsed but I have found other alternative locations nearby I can offer you this potential new location as recompence for not finding anything in your particular location.


These are just some of the many locations I have.

Australia Northern Territories = 170,000oz placer gold @ 18ft, average 6 grms per ton, further south @ 13ft 5 grms per ton, @ 11ft average of 4 grms per ton, further south again on this deposit of placer gold @ 17ft at 5 grms per ton.

Western Australia = 320,000oz guide depth of 9/11 ft. secondary gold, also,170,000ozs of gold.

Africa - South Africa = 100,000oz, secondary gold @ 155/160ft 9 grms per ton.
Sudan = 100,000oz secondary gold in the north, @ 23/26ft 6 grms per ton, another location 27/30ft 5 grms per ton. further south- secondary gold @ 25/29ft 6 grms per ton, further south visible gold @ 20/24ft 6 grms per ton.
Namibia = primary gold deposit 100,000oz to the north east @ 39ft 10 grms per ton. moving to the south west, @ 40ft 11 grms per ton further south west 42 ft 8 grms per ton. far south west Namibia 10 grms per ton.

America = Alaska far south secondary gold @ 6/9ft 64,000oz, to the north @ 18/21ft 160,000oz, central Alaska @ 29/31ft 95,000oz, north west @ 30/34ft 5 grms per ton, 80,000 recoverable, further north @ 36/40ft 4grms per ton, 70,000oz.

WALES = 20 gold deposits - The bulk of these deposits are in North Wales. Why is Welsh Gold so dear? Because of it's rarity and it's unique colour. This is why the value of Welsh gold is 3 times the normal price of normal gold. Even today I am still picking up rich deposits of gold in that part of the country. This was the first place I ever found gold, it was for a gold mine company references are available upon request.

LOST TREASURE - Germany South Germany close to Austria estimated depth of 10/12ft 58oz of gold and 54 carats of diamonds January 1945. France 500oz of gold and 900oz of silver in volume.  Belgium = estimated depth of 6/8ft 470oz buried 1944.

Egypt = estimated depth of 21/24ft 13,500oz of gold, 9,000oz of silver and 400 diamonds. to the south @ 21/23ft 300oz of gold, to the west 21/23ft 1,000oz of gold and 2,600 of silver, @ 8ft, 95oz of gold and 40 carats of diamonds, again @ 21/23ft 300oz gold treasure.

United Kingdom Celtic Gold Treasure, north England 55oz @ 13/18ft buried approx 2,000 years ago, King John's lost treasure 2 potential locations north east @ 9/11ft 150oz only of gold, west of the wash @ 5ft 240oz of gold.

SHIP WRECKS - Anglesey off Moelfre -The Royal Charter shipwreck, 5 gold bars and 200oz of gold still to be recovered. South East England possible remains of a Spanish shipwreck, 25,000oz of gold remains, also east of Scotland spanish shipwreck 30,000oz of gold and 15,000oz of silver. To the East of The Shetland Isles spanish ship wreck 30,000oz of gold and 19,0000z of silver. off the south Irish coast, 25,000oz of gold and 9,000oz of silver. Caribbean 36,000oz of gold and 24,000oz of silver spanish treasure ship, also 17,000oz of gold and 21,000oz silver. Again Spanish wreck, 85,000oz of gold and 46,000oz of silver.

If you like more information and precise locations please contact me and we can discuss a contract.


This is the time to look for alternative ways of locating mineral deposits such as diamonds and gold than the traditional ways. My methods can locate remotely the locations and then a site visit to firm up the locations the same as I did at Clogau Gold Mine which I have proven to them my ability in locating gold which I know I can do the same for you with my method. It does not matter which part of the world you live in I can help you as you will see on the chart of the many countries I have already located new mineral sites such as gold Platinum and diamond locations which I can explore for you.

- with full references from genuine gold mine companies



The chart below indicates gold, platinum and diamond locations which are located remotely by Peter and are available as far as he is aware have not yet been found by anyone else so this would be a great opportunity for you to be one step ahead of your competitors. If you wish to know more about these locations please contact Peter by email or phone to discuss your requirements. Please when you contact Peter please let him have your telephone number and any other information that would be helpful to speed things up.



If I do not find any gold, treasure or minerals in the area that you have requestsed me to search, as recompence for not finding anything for you I may be able to offer you up to three locations and out of these three locations you can choose one potential new location of your choosing. Once you have chosen your location I will then let you have the full information of that location you have
chosen for free. These locations may not necessarily be in close proximity to the area I have searched for you.


Platinum Deposits Diamond Deposits Silver Deposits Lost Gold Treasure Shipwreck Treasure Lithium Deposits
AUSTRALIA 21   6 1     3
ALASKA 13            
ALGERIA 3            
ANGOLA 5            
AZERBAIJAN 1            
ARGENTINA 1            
BELARUS     2        
BAHRAIN             1
BOTSWANA 2 2 5        
BELGIUM         1    
BOLIVIA             1
CHINA       4     2
CANADA 20 2 8     1  
CHAD 1            
CHILI 1           1
CONGO 1            
ETHIOPIA 12           1
EGYPT 2       6    
FRANCE         2 3  
GERMANY         3 2  
ITALY 1            
INDIA 6            
ICELAND 2            
KAZAKSTAN       1      
KENYA 1   6        
KYRGYSTAN             1
LITHUANIA 1            
LATVIA 1            
LIBYA 1            
MALI 1            
MONGOLIA             1
NAMIBIA 8 1 7        
NEW GUINEA 1           1
NEW ZEALAND 9 1          
PAKISTAN 1            
POLAND       1      
PAPUA NEW GUINEA              
PHILLIPPINES 2            
ROMANIA 1            
RUSSIA 7   9   7   1
SUDAN 18 1   1      
SAUDI ARABIA 9            
SUDAN RED SEA       1      
SOUTHERN IRELAND 8       1 2  
SOUTH AFRICA 18 2 12   1    
SLOVAKIA 1            
TANZANIA 2   3       1
TIBETIAN PLATEAU 1 2          
UK 28     3 16 6  
USA 20     2     2
UZBEKISTAN             1
YEMEN 7            
ZAMBIA 2            
ZIMBABWE 2 1          


To give you an idea of the volumes of gold whether primary or alluvial per deposit relating to the list above giving you the largest sources I am picking up using remote map surveying:

1. Australia – 82ft-113ft, 109,000 ozs per deposit
2. Alaska - 18ft – 21ft, 160,000 ozs per deposit
3. Canada – 370ft – 406ft, 126,000 ozs per deposit
4. Ethiopia – 149ft – 175ft, 98,000 ozs per deposit
5. France – 290ft – 341ft, 109,000 ozs per deposit
6. Germany – 145ft – 182ft, 110,000 ozs per deposit
7. Kenya – 150ft – 180ft, 99,000 ozs per deposit
8. Namibia – 39ft – 41ft, 100,000 ozs per deposit
9. Romania – 49ft – 86ft – 104,000 ozs per deposit
10. Saudia Arabia – 31ft – 34ft – 118,000 ozs per deposit
11. South Africa – 64ft – 91ft – 106,000 ozs per deposit
12. USA – 25ft – 29ft – 100,000 ozs per deposit
13. Wales – 35ft – 51ft – 108,000 ozs per deposit

The above information relating to the locations is only part of what you will receive once a a contract between ourselves has been agreed to go ahead with the remote map surveying together with a site visit. Remote map surveying is only a guide to give us an idea of the best area to start the search and what depths and quantities to be looking at as a site visit is always recommended to firm up my findings.

Please note the references relating to the Clogau Gold the remote map surveying was done in exactly the same way and then a site visit to firm up my findings.



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