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What is Divining?

Water Divining has a long and noble history going back to Old Testament times. Moses is thought to have been an accomplished er. When he famously struck a rock in the desert and water came gushing forth to quench the thirst of the Israelites, it is believed he knew where to find it by divining with his staff. Ancient people used divination not only to discover water but also to hunt for precious stones, metals and lost treasure. Even today, accomplished diviners say they can divine for virtually anything. A national newspaper has learned, for example, that oil and gas companies, gold miners and even the US army employs diviners. In all cases the secret, they say, is to fix in your mind the object you are looking for (visualise) and when your divining rods pass over it, they react twitching or forming a cross. Mining companies, too, continue to employ diviners behind the scenes. RTZ, the giant mining conglomerate, has used diviners to help it find minerals around the world.


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