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How do I locate a Potential Site for gold, platinum, diamonds etc?

First of all I would do a map survey of the site in question whether its old mining works or a new site location. Using this technique I will be able to pickup reactions indicating whether or not there would be mineral deposits in the area. This would save time and money as if I was unable to pick up any reactions I would notify the Client that there was nothing there worth going for and so the client would be able to look at further options or I could give them further options of potential areas on which I could then advise them again.

Map surveying is standard technique used by me. The map is part of our world and a map surveyor would have surveyed the area previously and marked down the contours of that area. This is what I connect to when map searching. I visualise the mineral I am looking for and use a sample of that mineral. If the mineral is present on the map my instrument would immediately react. If the mineral I am looking for is not there the instrument will not respond. If I do get a good response I will then go onto Google Search to search the area in more depth, which again will narrow the area down. At this stage it is possible to estimate the quantity of precious metals, including gold, platinum and diamond deposits and also give a guide to the depth to which it may be found. Certain metals like gold and platinum have different characteristics than other minerals as they can create false images of themselves ( as many as 4 false images) which makes it more difficult to locate. On the map surveys these images do not occur but when you are on site these images do appear to a novice but not to a professional like myself.

IN DETAIL What is the first stage of the process if a Client wants me to find the precious metals?

First stage:

First of all information that I receive from any Client or Company is confidential and I agree to sign a confidentiality agreement or have it included in the agreed Contract. I have already done this with my previous clients.

Second stage:

is for the Client to send me a map of the search area. It can be of any part of the world. Then I conduct a map survey to see if there is any gold, diamonds, platinum deposits or precious metals in the area on the map.

Third Stage:

is to go to the location of the old mine site. Using the map search results as a guide I then conduct a site survey above ground. If there is any old mine adits (tunnels) on the site I would go inside to see where the seams of gold could be in the old mine workings.



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